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Tokyo Wedding Planning

We just returned from a two week wedding planning trip in Japan.
We were thrilled to plan a “Beverly Hills” style wedding with wedding coordinator, ayame , for a Japanese celebrity and her producer fiancé in Tokyo.

During our time there, we met with many wonderful people and were delighted to be asked to return in July.

We visited the  beautiful Happo-en Gardens in Tokyo.

Even in early spring this garden is stunningly beautiful. The trees without leaves in the photos are either Japanese Maples or Pendulous Cherry blossom trees so this garden has four beautiful seasons.

Happo-en, (beautiful from all angles) is a former Samurai residence originally built in 1600.
It is located in the Shirokane, (Platinum district) in the Minuato ward of Tokyo.

This 12.5 acre property was built in a valley with gardens and spring fed Koi ponds. At one time, this district was all private estates. Now, totally surrounded by high-rises, this garden retreat is a rare gem in the city.

We were given a tour of the property and gardens.

We were so excited to see the bonsai collection some of which are as old as 500 years.

Mr. Inoue, the General Manager, invited us to a dinner at Kochyuan, the private Japanese style dining room later that week.

We were greeted by a welcoming staff dressed in beautiful Kimonos.

We were treated to a multi-course seasonal Kaiseki gourmet dinner overlooking the manicured garden.

Each course a feast for the senses. Fantastic presentation

The entire evening was a magical delight .

Yes, That’s Kobe beef for Sukiyaki.

The name of the restaurant, Kochyuan, means an experience of paradise from a vessel filled with all types of delicacies.

This is truly what we experienced.

During our visit, we were interviewed by the top wedding magazine 25ANS wedding, and Trade magazine, HOTERES Wedding, for the hotel and restaurant trade.
There is so much to share about Japan and how it has inspired me. Look for more entries soon on Kimonos and wedding dress fashion, The Plum Blossom Festival in Kyoto where we were served tea by the young Meiko Geisha,  and a visit to the Ikenobo school of Ikebana.


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  1. Steven Leiserovich says:

    What an amazing trip! The food is stunningly beautiful. I know you guys have been to a lot of nice restaurants in the past but doubt you will ever have a meal like that again. Wishing you brought me home a doggy bag.

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