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Inspiration – Still Life Photography

This is the second in our monthly inspiration entry. After a trip to the farmers market, I spent a Sunday trying to capture the feeling of Dutch still life painting.

One of the interesting things about  Dutch still life paintings, besides their lush beauty, is that many times they were painted over the course of a year.
It was only possible to paint a flower when they were naturally blooming, i.e.  tulips in the spring and  crabapples, in the fall.

These status symbol paintings were frequently commissioned to document a clients horticultural rarities.
The 1600’s were a time of ‘Tulip-mania’ where speculation caused single tulip bulbs to sell for thousands of dollars.

With air freight and greenhouse growing, the natural seasons of flowers has be widely expanded to our great advantage. Now, it is possible to create living botanical paintings throughout the year. Below are two examples of modern Still lifes.

Peonies and roses in May, rose hips, oak leaves and                    Tulips in April, rose hips and oak leaves in October

Osage oranges in October



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Conservation International Dinner

This Monday we created centerpieces for the 15th Annual Los Angeles Dinner to Benefit Conservation International at the Montage Hotel In Beverly Hills.
The dinner honored DreamWorks Animation and its commitment to conservation in China.

We created Lucky Bamboo Towers lashed together with raffia to form a framework for the Phalaenopsis orchids, bromeliads, succulents and mosses.

In 2008, DreamWorks Animation and the Katzenberg Foundation together made a $1 million donation to CI to help jumpstart Conservation International’s  Panda Survival Plan. It is an ambitious, but achievable plan for protecting the wild panda. Building on the partnership around their summer blockbusters, Kung Fu Panda, and now Kung Fu Panda 2 this long-term vision involves working with the scientific community, the Chinese government and local Chinese communities

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Team Greenbean Reception

Once again, we were asked to  create the florals for the very successful Team Greenbean.
Team Greenbean is the Los Angeles Chapter for ‘Walk Now for Autism Speaks’.

The group led by WME’s Ari Greenburg and his wife, Andrea Lee Greenburg,  topped the $1 million mark in total donations raised through the walk over the past six years.

We used bundles of Green Beans, Parrot Tulips, Skyline Roses, and White Sweet Peas.
We are proud to be associated with this Fantastic Group. Bravo!

It was great working again with Kate Paul of  Foodink Catering.