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Thursday, April 26th, 2012 | 1 Comment

Lily & Earl at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel

January 2 of this year we had a wedding at the Grand Trianon Room of the Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Beverly Hills.

The bridal bouquet was designed with Vendela roses, champagne spray roses and Stephanotis with a dusty miller and galax leaf collar.

Lily is a lovely lady and a sentimental romantic at heart.

She envisioned the cupid’s pierced heart design in roses on the aisle runner.

Her five flower girls had a blast and stole the show.

Many of the guests traveled from Asia to attend the wedding.  After the ceremony, guests were escorted to their own double-decker sightseeing buses before the reception.

The floral arch was re-purposed to enclose the beautiful cake made by The Butter End in Santa Monica.

The centerpieces were filled with Casablanca lilies for our bride, Lily.

Laurel Szeto coordinated a great weekend for this lovely couple and we wish them all the best.


Wedding Coordinator :  Laurel Szeto of   Laurel and Party Events

Photogrtaphy:     Jay Lawrence  Goldman

Cake:    The Butter End

Thursday, April 19th, 2012 | 1 Comment

Red Carpet Launch Party – The Client List with Jennifer Love Hewitt

We created beautiful florals and decor for the red carpet launch party of The Client List, Lifetime’s new series, at the landmark Sunset Tower Hotel in Hollywood.

We used hundreds of large white calla lilies in tall white glass vases with La Tavola’s  New York Matte blush Pink Sequin linens. Every time we use this linen somebody want to make a dress out of it.

As reported by Variety Magazine, Cocktail waiters with dirty martinis perched precariously above their heads slithered gingerly through a congested crowd at the Sunset Tower cabana Wednesday for the launch party of Lifetime’s sexy drama “The Client List.”

The series follows Riley Parks (Hewitt), who begins working in a day spa in a local town after being left in financial debt after her husband abandons her and their children. She quickly realizes that the spa gives much more than massages, but works with the parlor’s owner in order to keep food on the table. While helping to run the business, she struggles to discreetly balance two lives – a single mother who must provide for her family and a strong businesswoman working in a unique and frowned-upon business.
The cast includes Jennifer Love Hewitt, Colin Egglesfield, Cybill Shepherd and Loretta Devine.

We were thrilled to work again with Scott Tallman of   Tallman Events.  Scott has produced many striking events and we always enjoy his vision.

Thursday, April 12th, 2012 | 1 Comment

Tamara and Andrew at the Hotel Bel Air

This is a bride and groom that we were so happy to see walk down the aisle.  Two Weeks ago on their wedding morning it was drizzling.  This, is what keeps Florists awake all night.

After nearly a year of relationship building, and receiving  freshly baked boxes of chocolate chip scones and biscotti by Sherry , the mother of the bride every time we met, We really needed to make dreams come true. Mother Nature was undecided for a while, but this wonderful family was truly blessed.  The rain stopped long enough to have a ceremony and get everyone into cocktails before the rain returned.

Each bridesmaids bouquet was a different type of white tulip.   Silver Dollar-single form, Honeymoon- Fringed,  Casablanca -double, Super green- parrot , Tres chic- lily flowering and  Weber parrot- parrot.

The bride carried  an all gardenia bouquet with a variegated tree ivy collar.

The famous gazebo at Swan lake became a gorgeous Chuppah with a path of zinc garden lanterns topped with Vendela roses.  The meandering path of white Hydrangeas lead up to a natural garden treatment of cascading California Pepper branches, hundreds of white orchid sprays and flowering dogwood branches.

The beautiful new ballroom was the perfect setting for white French tulips and mercury glass.

La Tavola’s Matte White Sequin New York Cloth was the perfect base for this beautiful cake that was created  in- house, complete with hand made gum paste flower topper.

We are always relieved when there is a great photography team on board. That means I can snap a few shots myself ( above) and I can focus on the decor.

For more fantastic photos of the wedding click here to see Cat and Adi of   Next Exit Photography’s  fantastic Images.

day of coordination: maryam forutan, delicate details

Thursday, April 5th, 2012 | 1 Comment

Inspiration: Kimonos

While we were in Kyoto, considered the cultural epicenter of Japan, we visited Kumagaiji, M collection, the business of  Mrs. Masami Kumagi.

She and her daughter were attendees at our wedding seminar last year.  This family’s business opened its doors in 1879.
It was so nice to reconnect with them and see their wedding shop and kimono designs.
First, they graciously showed us, a Shiromuku kimono worn at a traditional Shinto wedding ceremony.

This example is decorated with a design of cranes, who mate for life and are symbols of longevity.

Before joining her family and friends for the reception, the bride would exchange the white outer-kimono for an elaborate and brightly-colored one.

This is an elaborate and traditional Wedding Kimono.

The patterns that adorn kimono are very significant, for it is through choice of color and, most importantly, decorative motifs that the wearer’s gender, age, status, wealth, and taste are articulated.

The cloth used to make a kimono is traditionally all one piece of fabric, that is hand-stitched together.

Historically, kimono worn by women, particularly the young, are the most richly decorated. It is generally this style that are collected by museums. Such kimono were the designer clothes of their day.

Then they showed us some of their original designs from a recent collection which I thought were very modern, young and stylish.  A great way to be contemporary and traditional at the same time.


This kimono reminds me of  something that English designer Paul Smith might come up with .

The choice of obi, ( fabric belts) and accessories, such as combs and pins worn in the hair, are also important. Historically only the elite regularly wore luxurious kimono; the majority of people would only have donned silk garments on special occasions and were sometimes forbidden to do so all together.

We also visited a shop specializing in hair ornaments.

These incredible hair ornaments were hundreds of dollars some made with semi-precious stones.


With high speed travel, and internet communications, the world is getting quickly homogenized. Everywhere you go you see the same tennis shoes, designer bags and fast food. I think as time goes on, we will culturally share more and more in common. It is my hope we will also value what makes us different and unique.