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Sakura Season is Cherry Blossom Season

Sakura is Japanese for Cherry blossom. The trees bloom only a few short days in the spring.

Everyone gets very excited.


Fortunately this year, the official start of the season, was tied for the earliest year on record.


This is the entry to the beautiful Happo-En.


This view is over looking cascading cherry blossoms  to the huge Koi pond at Happo-En in Tokyo.



Even bonsai were in full bloom.



Everything is decorated with the Cherry blossom motif, even Starbucks.



These beautiful hand decorated candies featured spring blossoms.



Even cherry blossom flavored Sake with real cherry blossoms floating inside.

It’s the most beautiful shade of Pink.



One of the favorite times to view the blooming trees is at night when they are lit with the night sky as a back drop.


It is no wonder that after a long winter , to see such beauty make everyone so happy.


I love this walk on the way to the hotel.



Here in front of Tokyo Tower is the lovely restaurant, Tofuya-Ukai, an exclusive restaurant featuring dishes with house made tofu.

Guests have individual private dining rooms each with a view of the beautiful garden.


We want to thank all our wonderful friends in Tokyo for introducing us to so many new things this visit.