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Roselily at Sino Dutch Lily Days

We had a wonderful time presenting Van den Bos’s beautiful bulb flowers in China. Tricia Tang Van de Borg and Henri Van der Borg were terrific hosts and made me fall in love with China. The event took place at the new bulb center in Lingyuan, north of Beijing.


It is a beautiful green agricultural area where cut flowers are becoming a much more important crop.



President Qian’s of Beijing Sino Floriculture, organized the event Jimmy from Sinoflor and their crew coordinated and oversaw decoration of the event space  with giant lily pillar structures featuring 150,000 stems of various varieties of lilies. It was very inspiring.



The structure is similar to chain link fencing with small water bottles wired in the spaces.  This creates a beautiful lily covered pillar that flares out at the top, some of these were 35′ tall.



There was a floral fashion runway presentation that was televised on national TV.  I presented a collection for Van den Bos flower bulbs.



I created from left to right,  a arm bouquet with a midilino hat, a floral crown with a floral handbag, a bolero hat with a floral and wire cape, a fabric spiral Roselily bouquet and a triple composite Roselily bouquet.



I didn’t even know I was getting a male model, but it worked perfectly with this matador look and I think he really enjoyed showing it.




Felicia from Van  den Bos, also her first time in China, modeled the calla crown after the show. Being a tall, blonde, blue eyed beauty, she attracted a lot of attention with the Chinese and was posing with the growers for photos.



I was lucky to meet talented floral designers, Kathy Ong – AIFD  from Indonesia and Regine Motmans,  Artist Director of Fleuramour, from Belgium and Chinese Designer,Zhang Chao, not pictured.



Here is a clip from the fashion show, which started off with fireworks, singing, two dance groups, confetti bomb and balloon release, it was quite a spectacular event.