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Thursday, April 28th, 2016 | Leave A Comment

May 14, 2016 ‘Los Colores’, The Virginia Robinson Gardens Garden Walk

One week from this Saturday, May 14, 2016  –  ‘Los Colores’ .

We are happy to announce we have been asked, for yet another year, to decorate the VIP concierge lunch tables for the Robinson Garden’s Garden Walk



The theme this year is ‘Los Colores’, a Spanish Childrens song about how the world is made of many colors.

While visiting a dear friend in Akumal, Mexico this spring, I was inspired by her beautifully embroidered table runner of many colors.




I thought that this might be fun to use for the Garden Walk.

I photographed the individual flowers and when I returned, I enlarged them.




With the help of co-chairs Patty Elias and Marian Power, we enlisted the help of the lovely ladies of Robinson Gardens to help with the construction.




Patty graciously hosted the three work days and treated us to wonderful lunches.




We are so appreciative of all the support to make a really special installation.




Now that the flowers are assembled, we will be installing them over the long seating tables  in a hanging installation styled with a nod to glass artist , Dale Chihuly.

We are excited for you to see the table when it is finished.

There are still tickets available, which can be purchased on line.

Please come Saturday May 14, to visit the private gardens that are on display, for that day only, and the Robinson Gardens Estate and well as all the special  floral tributes to ‘Los Colores.’

Tickets available at   click on link.



Thursday, May 26th, 2011 | 1 Comment

Inspiration – Still Life Photography

This is the second in our monthly inspiration entry. After a trip to the farmers market, I spent a Sunday trying to capture the feeling of Dutch still life painting.

One of the interesting things about  Dutch still life paintings, besides their lush beauty, is that many times they were painted over the course of a year.
It was only possible to paint a flower when they were naturally blooming, i.e.  tulips in the spring and  crabapples, in the fall.

These status symbol paintings were frequently commissioned to document a clients horticultural rarities.
The 1600’s were a time of ‘Tulip-mania’ where speculation caused single tulip bulbs to sell for thousands of dollars.

With air freight and greenhouse growing, the natural seasons of flowers has be widely expanded to our great advantage. Now, it is possible to create living botanical paintings throughout the year. Below are two examples of modern Still lifes.

Peonies and roses in May, rose hips, oak leaves and                    Tulips in April, rose hips and oak leaves in October

Osage oranges in October